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Book a Kids Art Lesson

  • private one on one art lesson with Cortney

    1 hr

    20 Canadian dollars

The Studio space

Cortney has a fine arts degree from the University of Maine where she studied several art forms including sculpture, ceramics, drawing, watercolor, acrylic painting and printmaking.

Watercolor Paints

Painting Basics

 3 hour painting lesson 

 private instruction on the basics of watercolor and acrylics.  Everything you need to create several paintings using high quality paints, paper, canvas and brushes. Subject matter of your choice. Can be split over three, 1 hour sessions or completed all at once.


ages 7-20


Clay Basics

 4 hour clay lesson 

 private instruction on the basics of polymer clay, ceramic clay and plasticine clay.  Will make a hand built piece from ceramic clay, fire and glaze it. You will also create a piece from polymer clay that will be cured and finished.  We will also go over plasticine clay and create a piece of art on a canvas using special techniques. Subject matter of your choice. Can be for beginner or intermediate student.  Will be split over four 1 hour sessions. Cannot be completed all at once due to bisque and glaze firings.


ages 7-20


Printmaking Basics

 3 hour printmaking lesson 

private instruction on the basics of printmaking.  We will be experimenting with styrofoam, linoleum and gel for prints. Using tools, printing inks, brayers and high quality papers. Can be for beginner or intermediate student. Subject matter of your choice. Can be split over three 1 hour sessions or done all at once. 
ages 13-20


Experiment with Polymer clay

1 hour polymer clay lesson

private instruction on the basics of polymer clay. You will learn what tools are used for a simple design. We will be mixing custom colors and creating beads, magnets or a small sculpture without an armature. Subject matter of your choice. 
ages 8-20


Experiment with Watercolors

1 hour watercolor

private instruction on the basics of water-colour. 8x10 high quality arches water-colour paper. Subject matter of your choice. 
ages 8-20

Children's art lessons

Choose from the many options below

Warm & Cool Underwater Watercolor

1 hr water-color art lesson concentrating on warm and cool contrast. With this project we will be working with wax resist and salt to create unique effects on the watercolor paper. Using artist quality Arches watercolor paper.  Ages 5-15


Picasso Portraits in Polymer-magnet

1 hr. polymer clay art lesson reviewing the portraits of the famous artist Pablo Picasso.  Using coloured polymer clay and texture tools we will create faces in Picasso's iconic style.  These will be cured and a magnet will be attached.  Ideal for ages 5-10


"Printmaking with Patterns"

1.5 hr printmaking art lesson. Choose a subject and explore patterns and printing.  We will be using printing plates, ink and brayers to get to know the printmaking process.  Once you have your design etched in your plate, you can print it over and over using using different printing inks.  Perfect for ages 9-20


Polymer clay Bird in Nest

2 hr polymer clay art lesson.  Using interesting techniques and tools we will mix colours and review armature making. This piece can be made in any color combination since we will be mixing the clay.  It will be cured, finished and antiqued.  Best for ages 8-adult


Pinch Pot Monsters in Polymer

1.5 hour art lesson using polymer.  We will discuss the different features of monsters and will create a unique piece using the pinch pot method. We will use different tools to add textures and details and will go over clay basics. Ages 5-15


"Pop Art Words with Chalk Pastels"

1 hr. pop art project using Elmers glue and chalk pastels.  Choose your favorite action word and make it into art!  We will discuss the pop art era and do a fun project using glue as a resist medium.  Ages 10-15

Pop Art action words grade 2.jpg  Black

"polymer clay monster dish"

2 hour project using polymer clay molded around a small metal dish.  This can be used for coins, jewelry or small objects.  We will mix our own colors of clay and use clay tools to add texture and details to our monster.  They will be cured, glazed and antiqued during the lesson.  Recommended for ages 8-18


Wax Resist with the Modern Masters

1.5 hr watercolor art lesson.  Choose one of three famous art pieces to replicate in watercolor using high quality Arches watercolor paper, crayons and watercolor paints. We will learn about the artist, their techniques and style. Ages 8-15


"Polymer clay Fish Bones and Beads"

2 hour polymer clay art class learning to mix polymer clay and create a fish.  We will learn how to custom mix colors and add textures to our work.  It will be cured, glazed and antiqued with acrylic paints.  Pieces will then be strung together with wire and beads for a finished product. Ages 8-15


"Birds & Beads"

1.5 hour polymer clay are lesson.  We will be creating clay bird beads using tools and textures.  They will be cured, glazed and antiqued and then strung onto wire with glass beads.  Ages 5-12

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